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Changing the way we live, work and
communicate since 2006.


The Company was established as a firm in Pakistan. The steady growth and the success of MDL TECHNOLOGY & the position it secured as a leading business house were mainly due to the family over vast experience and the trust placed in the company by a customer, employees and principals-which today include some of the most renowned names internationally.

The mission of the company is to actively participate in national growth, economic and social development. Highly motivated teams of the business and service divisions & subsidiary companies fulfill the mission by serving their customers needs in order with the short & long term objectives set by them.

Since its inception, the goods & services provided by us have led to improving productivity in the business sector.

The company establishes MDL Technology Services as part of its new customer delivery model. Customers now enjoy unimpeded access to rich technical skills throughout a project lifecycle that MDL has to offer.

MDL Technology boasts one of the strongest IT portfolios in the company’s history—including infrastructure management, IT governance, service management, data center automation and security management for both the mainframe and distributed environments.

At MDL TECHNOLOGY we have a tendency to aim for a lot of. It kicks off with a superb plan and ends up in a novel digital approach to attract your target cluster. Modern advertising ought to be one thing that folks really need to be a part of. Participating your audience, that’s what we’re here for. Sometimes it’s arduous and long, however, we do not seek shortcuts. This principle is central to our angle that we tend to are pleased with.



IT Resourcing Gaps

Our team of experts is able to tailor our core services to fit your business requirements. And for those most complex of challenges, we’ll engage experts with a grounding in physics and mathematics – to guarantee success where software expertise alone might not be enough.

Save Business Operations Costs

We’ll help you test bold new ideas while sharing your development risk. So you can save up to 30% on development costs, get products and services to market twice as fast, improve efficiency and flex your business model to boost revenue.

Adopt Digital Transformations

We can help you adapt to changing demands with agile, innovative, technologies – like blockchain, Data Science, Cloud etc. You can leave your in-house resource in place to focus on your core business, for perfectly seamless service delivery.


Technology partnerships that encourage better business solutions

It is our vision to empower our clients with technology solutions that promote business growth. Keeping in alignment with this vision, we have forged strategic partnerships with leading technology partners.

Together, we merge our capabilities and offer high-performance business solutions to clients. Our wide network of alliances include niche technology providers; leveraging these niche technologies, we build solutions that address complex business challenges across various industry domains and create business value.

The combination of our rich technology expertise across different industries and the products of our technology partners results in prompt and cost-efficient deployment of IT solutions with minimized risks. Together, we serve and deliver solutions to companies from diverse industry verticals and geographic regions.


Our belief in creating tangible value for our customers is what we think is different about MDL. Our attention to detail and quality is unmatched in the industry. We’re not just a resource provider. We value our customers’ success as much as our own – sharing development risk so that they can be bold in their adoption of new technologies.


We become an extension of our clients’ companies from any of the countries in which we are present, with operational centers strategically located according to the competitive advantages of each region.

Our global experience and structured management model that focuses on providing cost efficiency and delivering operational excellence, allows us to replicate our solutions across every location and provide a consistent level of service according to client needs in all of our operating sites around the world.

Our global network of operating sites enables our clients to increase efficiency and optimize their costs while maintaining high levels of service quality.

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